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Please note that this site is no longer actively maintained, pending a comprehensive revamp.

Celebrating 18 years of success

We recently celebrated our 18th birthday. Thanks and congratulations all round!

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“Thanks again for meeting the deadline so reliably and taking such care. We’re very pleased with the translations.”

Internet agency.

“Once again, the translation was really excellent.”

Financial services company.

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Financial & Investment

The financial and investment sector is a key focus of E.P.A.'s operations. E.P.A. provides financial translations to a variety of global banks, investment banks, investment funds and property funds. We also have a number of financial printer clients. Within this field we mainly translate annual & semi-annual reports, prospectuses, internal reports, web content, marketing materials, promotional circulars and press releases.

Business & Legal

E.P.A. translates a wide array of documents of a general business nature, from prestigious annual reports and corporate profiles to product information, web content and event-related documents. Our aim is always to understand the purpose of the specific document and provide a translation that achieves the desired effect.

We also handle translation of legal documents into and out of a range of languages for businesses in diverse sectors. Typical examples include contracts, license agreements and leases. Translations can involve successive drafts of legal documents during the course of protracted negotiations, with scrupulous attention to detail being essential. To take a simpler scenario, a facilities department may need a timely translation of a foreign lease before signing on the dotted line.

The translation work we carry out directly for law firms focuses on marketing materials and client-facing information.

Advertising & Marketing

E.P.A. has a diversity of clients in the advertising, marketing and PR sector for whom we provide translation of materials such as adverts, brochures, print ads, presentations, press releases, websites and other documents and media. Our aim is always to ensure cultural appropriateness and authentic translation of the material while conveying the right message. Needless to say, clients in this particular sector are often under considerable time pressure so responsiveness is vital.

Environment & Technology

E.P.A. translates a wide range of texts for several industry-leading environmental and technology companies, including product-related material, PR texts, internal documents and web content.

Luxury Goods

E.P.A. applies its exacting standards to translate marketing documents, public relations materials and other general texts for major luxury goods companies.

Industries iconIndustries

Clients iconClients

E.P.A. provides translation services to a range of companies located mainly in the UK and Germany.

Many of our clients are among the most respected and successful in their sector, but we are equally committed to meeting the needs of smaller organisations.

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